Vietnam les Enfants de la Dioxine (VNED) - Vietnam, the Dioxin Children

The association "Vietnam les enfants de la dioxine (VNED) - Vietnam, dioxin children", created in 2001, was aware of the unusually high number of severely disabled children in Vietnam whether sensory impairment (blindness, deafness), of various palsy (standing and / or walking with difficulty), somatic neonatal abnormalities mundane and curable (cleft lip, or finger joints or extra toes ...) or major defects, incurable (or total or partial absence of limbs, various defects, dwarfism ...), heart defects (sometimes of operable), less or more severe mental deficiency... and others.
Neonatal anomalies exist in all countries, but its number seems to be higher in Vietnam in families whose parents have lived long in war zones or in areas intensely sprayed with Agent Orange , which was used by millions of gallons, from 1961 to 1971, by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange contained dioxin, a known chemical highly toxic, carcinogenic product which perhaps may change the gene.
Some malformations remind us of chemical poisoning cases, such as partial or total phocomelia or malformation or absence of limbs, due to thalidomide, which appeared in the sixties in the U.S. and in some European countries.

Currently, not aware of the subtleties and whatever the cause of the disability, the association sponsors 185 severely disabled children living in poor families in difficult material and moral conditions and attributed 246 scholarships to other. (as of 31 December 2018).
On the other hand, from 2009, another activity boomed: the allocation of micro-loans to families. End of 2018, 538 families have benefited from a micro-loan to develop the family economy.
In France the association is looking for sponsors, organizes meals, exhibitions and craft sales and helps to come to France from Vietnam, young disabled musicians who gave concerts in France, Belgium and Germany. It also diffuse current information on the Orange / dioxin consequences in numerous seminars and various events.

In Vietnam, the association is represented by delegates in the North and Centre and South and working with the Red Cross, the Fund for Children and the VAVA, the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange. .. Medical visits for children with or without disabilities are provided for families and cares are provided when necessary, specially for children which need surgeries in orthopedic and cardiac malformations.

Dr Jean Meynard
Vice-président of VNED

Association Vietnam les Enfants de la Dioxine
Vietnam the Dioxin Children

Address : 16, impasse Du Mont
94400 Vitry Sur Seine

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